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Traderelay - lightweight windows software

Build automated strategy in Tradingview and relay orders to real exchanges.

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Next in development - Coming soon:

  • Traderelay version 5.0 software will be specialized only for IB and will include trading stocks and futures like ES (+ quite possibly options).
  • Traderelay website will allow you access to your tradelogs, error logs and even Binance trading without needing to run Traderelay software on your PC.

Requirements to making your own automated trading bot

  • To automate your trading you will need account in Its great service for trading charts and building strategies. Their price is about $15 / month.
  • If you trade Stocks, then you will also need account in Interactive Brokers. They have great trading service. Lot of instruments and cheap trading fees.
  • If you trade Crypto, then you will need account in Binance. They have easy to use service for trading cryptos. (Crypto futures are best for automated trading as its open 24/7 and you can short them too.). No monthly subscription fees.
  • You can easily open accounts from links below. (contains our referral-link)

Automate trading Tradingview Automate trading with Interactive brokers Automate trading with Binance

Automate trading
Screencapture of automated trades in Binance USDT-Futures. Two 'shorted' trades.

Live automated trades from our bot

Action Symbol SecType
SHORT ADAUSDT BINANCE 2/28/2024 12:00:09 PM
SHORT ADAUSDT BINANCE 2/27/2024 7:04:14 AM
SHORT ADAUSDT BINANCE 2/26/2024 1:44:05 AM
SHORT ADAUSDT BINANCE 2/25/2024 3:12:09 AM
SHORT ADAUSDT BINANCE 2/23/2024 10:56:06 PM
SHORT ADAUSDT BINANCE 2/9/2024 10:27:12 AM

What does it do?

Its simple software. Basically Traderelay waits for alerts/messages from your strategy. When message is received it is sent to real exchange. Currently Traderelay supports STOCK trading in Interactive brokers and Crypto trading in Binance (actually USDT-futures.).

Here's a list of the currently available COMMANDS you can use in your strategies.

action:LONG symbol:AMD qt:1 id:xxxxxMarket order: Buy long AMD stocks, quantity 1IB
action:SHORT symbol:AMD qt:1 id:xxxxxMarket order: Sell short AMD stocks, quantity 1IB
action:CLOSE symbol:AMD id:xxxxxMarket order: Close all open positions on AMD stocksIB
action:LONG symbol:ETHUSDT qt:1 id:xxxxxMarket order: Buy long ETHUSDT, quantity 1Binance
action:SHORT symbol:ETHUSDT qt:1 id:xxxxxMarket order: Sell short ETHUSDT, quantity 1Binance
action:CLOSE symbol:ETHUSDT id:xxxxxMarket order: Close all open positions on ETHUSDTBinance

Register - Try it free for 90 days

  • Register with your email and we will create your account and login details in 24 hours.
  • Get free trial of 3 months to develop your trading strategy to profitable.
  • After free trial you can choose to subscribe for only $14.90 / month. (Ask if you need more trial time. We like to support new Traders)
  • You can at anytime cancel your Traderelay easily at our website.
  • We never give emails to 3th parties.
  • Thank you for your support.

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Download & installation

Download latest Traderelay version below.

Short installation instructions:

  1. Download latest "Traderelay windows software" below. Unzip it in your computer. You will get "setup.exe"-file that installs program.
  2. After Traderelay has been installed on your computer -> start it and login with your email and password you received after registering.
  3. Go to "Exchange APIs"-tab and set settings for exchange you will be using. (if you trade in IB, you will need to run TWS on same computer)
  4. Go to "Create new instrument"-tab and add instrument you want to trade. -> set its exchange / sec.type.
  5. Start Traderelay and it starts looping all your instruments and waiting for messages/orders from Tradingview. Its ready.
  6. If any problems, check tab "logs", where you can see your latest orders and possible errors.

 Download latest version: Traderelay v.416 (2024.02.04)

-Minor UI changes
-Supports Trading IB and Binance

Traderelay v.415 (2023.02.02)

-Major update
-Improved logging
-Supports Trading IB and Binance

Traderelay v.414 (2023.02.01)

-Older deprecated version. (Bug connecting to IB. Binance works fine.)