Alert Command Examples

Updated 29.06.2020!

These alert commands are not used anymore in Traderelay v.4. You can still use them with earlier versions. We recommend everybody to start using Traderelay V.4 and Pinecript v4 in Its much more easier to setup!

Not much here yet, TradeRelay is so simple and easy to use. Currently all orders are MARKET orders. We will be adding more features if they are needed. Please email us if you have a good idea for feature. TradeRelay project is ongoing.

General guidelines

-These commands are used in!
-Create new "alert" and write these commands in its message area. (remember set Alerts webhook url to your webhook.)
-Uppercase or lowercase both work but spaces matter.
-Symbol can be any symbol that your exchange offers.
-Instead of Symbol you can use Conid too. Actually Futures work better with Conid.
-Qt, can be integer(ex. 100) or decimal with two digits (ex. 0.02)

Alert Commands for IB:

Command Explanation
action:BUY symbol:AAPL qt:100 id:xxxxx Buy 100 AAPL stocks
action:SELL symbol:AAPL qt:100 id:xxxxx Sell 100 AAPL stocks

action:EXITPOS100 symbol:AAPL id:xxxxx Exit full current position(100%) on AAPL stocks. (If no postion, then nothing happens.)
action:EXITPOS50 symbol:AAPL id:xxxxx Exit 50% of current position on AAPL stocks

Alert Commands for BINANCE:

Command Explanation
action:BUY symbol:EOSUSDT qt:100 id:xxxxx Buy 100 EOSUSDT
action:SELL symbol:EOSUSDT qt:100 id:xxxxx Sell 100 EOSUSDT

Alert Commands for KRAKEN:

Command Explanation
action:BUY symbol:XETHZUSD qt:7.50 id:xxxxx Buy 7.5 ETH
action:SELL symbol:XETHZUSD qt:7.50 id:xxxxx Sell 7.5 ETH

Alert Commands for KRAKEN (margin trading):

In Kraken you can trade with margin. It allows you to Short sell too!
Default leverage on margin orders is 2. You can change leverage by adding leverage command like this: "leverage:4"

Command Explanation
action:BUYMARGIN symbol:XETHZUSD qt:100 id:xxxxx Buy 100 ETH
action:SELLMARGIN symbol:XETHZUSD qt:100 id:xxxxx Sell 100 ETH
action:SELLMARGIN symbol:XETHZUSD qt:100 leverage:4 id:xxxxx Sell 100 ETH with 4 leverage

Document to be updated

This document will be updated soon (dated 10.04.2023)

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